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KI control panel

Control panel KI







If you're not familar with wiring the joystick, then this will be a perfect kit for you. Just place what ever custom stick you arleady own and place them on to the KI control panel.

The kit is made out of MDF using cambolts and scews to assemble. Plexi glass for the marquee and movelist are included. Speaker holes are standard 4". The bottom door hole opening will fit these type of doors from Happ:

List of items needed to finsih the kitt:

  • Tournament-Edition stick(TE stick)
  • Acess door=1 Happs part# 40-0713-00¬†or 40-0057-00
  • Speaker= 2-round standard 4inch speaker

This is an empty cabinet with no buttons, joysticks, TV, or game console etc...


$685 unpainted estimated shipping $185-$225

$1,235 painted estimated shipping $365-$400

Now taking order for painted cabinet.

additional $85 for most custom

To be on the waiting list please make a small deposit at the bottom of the page. I will send you the final invoice with shipping cost via paypal when it's ready to ship out..






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Deposit for Kraylix KI kit: