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Welcome to my website. Here at Kray's Kustom Arcade I try to design and make arcade kits that are easy to assemble for the DIYer. All of my kits are Japanese's style and are sit down version. My cabinets are made like IKEA furnitures. All you have to do is tighten the cams with a Philip screw driver and secure in some of the screws and you’re ready.

The control panel will come fully assembled except for the mame style control panel. Even though I try to make it simple, you still have to put some sweat into it. There are a lot of preparations involved like sanding, bonding crack and holes to make it ready for painting. If you don't have time to paint I also provide painted cabinet. All paint jobs are professional done to a mirror shine. All cabinets are empty with no buttons, joysticks, or speakers ect...

Due to the high cost in shipping I only ship in the USA only.

Kraylix v4 2 player

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Kraylix v4 KI

Kraylix Slim

Kraylix Mame Style



I have a full-time job and only do this on the side as a hobby and not able to build them in large quantities; Therefore there is a waiting list and to be on the waiting list I require a small non refundable deposit for those who are serious about buying one of my kit.

 To make a deposit click on the desire kit and click on the "Buy Now" at bottom of the page.

More pictures on my blog:

There is also a thread in SRK that other has purchased my cabinet and what they did to it.

**NOTE** We only ship to Paypal confirmed address only.


Here is a video made by Marcus from AdultReviews showing the process of assemblying the kit.

Make sure you watch it in HD.